Combine all of the Insights from Modern Precision Agriculture

Use Data to Get a 360-Degree View of Your Farm Remotely

Get a Full Picture of your Farm by Combining the Best Data Sources Available

Why settle for limited visibility into the condition of your field? Combine Satellite Imagery, In-Field Sensors, Equipment Sensors, Weather Data and Drone Imagery to get the best possible insights to aid in your decision making. 

Scouting Aid

Combine modern disease models along with the current condition of your field to identify high risk areas to minimize scouting and focus on what will yield the highest ROI.

Improved Decision Making Capability

Combined data sources are used to identify optimal times to till, plant, spray, harvest and more. Work off these suggestions to ensure that all variables are included in your plan.

Early Issue Detection

Through our industry first crop water stress and crop nitrate algorithms, you can identify early stage indicators of issues before they visually show up on the crops.

Optimize for Profit and not just Yield

Often pushing for highest yields sacrifices bottom line due to diminishing returns. Automate the process of bottom line analysis to optimize inputs.


NXT Farm is being used globally to manage crops ranging from corn and soybeans to rice and jute. We address each market with a unique solution that works with their existing agricultural practices. This has allowed us to revolutionize our data delivery methods and recommendations to help expedite the agricultural innovation in developing countries.



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About Us

NXT Farm is next generation precision agriculture; a smart farming platform created with research out of the University of Waterloo. Rooted in experience with both the European and Canadian Space Agencies, we help farmers worldwide grow more efficiently while managing limited resources. With our platform, you can automate the tedious parts of your job while receiving quality decision making data for doing what you really love, Farming.



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